discover 14 rarest cat breeds in the world

Discover the rarest breeds of cat in the world! This list of 10 bizarre and exotic cat species has some of the most amazing and expensive pets on the planet!

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1. Bombay

If you have been careful, you will have noticed that people really want miniaturized versions of big wild cats like LYNXS, bobcats, jaguars, lions, etc. Another cat that people apparently wanted to “miniaturize” is the panther. And because of that, the Bombay was the race.


2. Egyptian Mau

Another cat that looks like a jungle cat, the Egyptian Mau is unique because its spots are in fact natural to it. No reproduction or development required. But it’s just the beginning of what makes this cat so special.

3. Turkish van

This one deserves a special place on my list because of its unique fur and personality. Anyone who has raised a cat knows that although they drink water, they do not bathe, right? And only jungle cats will swim in the water, right? False! Meet, Turkish.

4. British Shorthair

It is well known that cats live a long life and have been around for a very long time. But this species is one of the oldest known cat breeds ever, the British Shorthair. This cat is so revered in the UK that he inspired many things, and not least was the look of the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. Moreover, he is the most pedigree breed in the country.


5. Starry California

Developed in the United States at the “urgent request” of anthropologist Louis Leakey, California Spangled is today one of the rarest cats in the world today. Prove that even cat breeds can go out of style.As you can see, the California Spangled was made to look like African cats.


6. Geoffroy’s Cat

From a fairly large domestic cat to a very small exotic, we are going to talk about Geoffroy. No, it is not a cat belonging to a particular person, but an entire species, and which measure as much as possible one of the smallest cats on Earth, to the extent that they are completely weighted up to eight pounds.


7. Ragamuffin

Although this could be a funny name, Ragamuffin is surprising in terms of other cats. This particular breed was not recognized in 2003, but has been taken into account by the world. It’s a mix of specialties, including the Ragdoll and some street races, but you see what you’re looking for and what you see, it’s clear.


8. Ocelot

Ocelot years are one of the most known alien species of cats in the world. Mostly because they are gorgeous, and people have been trying to make them animals for a while … with mixed results. Have you ever seen Archer? Yeah, that’s a good example of how not to lift an ocelot.


9. Serengeti

Sometimes you are not born in the world an original, you are created, and cats have been bred in this way for a long time to believe it or not. The Serengeti is an excellent example. This species is a recent addition to the cat world, as they were “developed” in the 1990s, crossing the species of Bengal and Oriental Shorthair.


10. The Norwegian Forest Cat

Here’s a cat story you might like. The Norwegian Forest Cat is a breed of cat that is very popular in Europe. However, during World War II, this particular cat was almost made extinct. It survived however due to the efforts of the Norwegian Forest Cat Club.

11. Caracals

Back to the exotic types of cats, the Caracal is one that is both amazing to watch, and it is very interesting in terms of the way it acts. You see, Caracal are a type of Lynx, another exotic cat who has been known to have aggressive tendencies sometimes. Because of this, you might think that the Caracal are the same, but you would be wrong.


12. KoratAlthough

cats are accepted in most cultures around the world, that does not mean they do not get their fair share of the superstitions attached to them. A black cat for example, can be considered bad luck, but also, there are good luck cats. One of which is the Korat.


13. Peterbald

Here is a unique cat that will make you take a double take. the Peterbald are a kind of cat that are mostly found in Russia, and have a trait of not having hair. They are therefore quite literally bald cats. Although, to be honest, not all are bald, others get hair, but they do not often lose.


14. Serval

Commences easily with one of the most exotic cats out there, the Serval. You would be forgiven for not knowing about this special cat because it is from Africa. But what did I tell you that serval is actually quite popular in the United States as a pet? It is true