Khloe Kardashian Reacts To Kylie Jenner a Jordyn Woods As Friends Grouping

What a wild weeks it has been for Jordyn Woods! Yeah after she was linked to now EX Boyfriend Tristan Khloe Thompson Kardashian.

The world could not stop talking about it, unsurprisingly the world could not stop talking about Kylie Jenner either. She was placed in a difficult position to be Khloe’s sister and also the tata baby Khloe and Tristans!

On the other hand, Jordyn was closest friend and Kylie’s pair were previously inseparable – so this situation was super hard for both of them.Jordyn was close to the rest of the Kardashian / Jenner clan too – which makes the whole situation even trickier. So until just before the scandal, it’s obvious how much Jordyn was still in the family.

Well, since these unfortunate events involving Tristan and Jordyn there have been many reports of how much of the Kardashian Jenner clan will not be able to forgive Jordyn. So, even if Kylie and Jordyn become friends again, if there is ever a family event, it seems that things will become embarrassing.

Now, who is still to blame for what happened, one can not deny Jordyn has been by many. Well, now he’s looking like she can come out the top stay tuned as we share why!