Off Ramps

Where did it come from?The roots of this meme stretch all the way back to 2013 when a video of a car dangerously skidding onto an offramp was uploaded to YouTube.

A screenshot from this video was combined with an offramp sign in very late 2017, and the meme was born. Due to the text on the sign, it is also known as Left Exit 12.

What makes it funny?This is an example of an exploitable template meme. The text on the off ramp sign is typically replaced, and text or a picture is overlaid on top of the car.

The humor in the meme comes from the suggestion that the car is suddenly, and dangerously, veering toward an unwise destination.

For instance, one version has the freeway represent using Tide Pods to clean laundry, while the exit represents eating Tide Pods, in reference to the Tide Pod Challenge meme.