‘Tornado Outbreak’ Communities Devastated near Dayton, Ohio, Night

Several tornadoes struck in the densely populated areas of Dayton, Ohio, and surrounding communities Monday night, causing catastrophic damage.

The city is currently under a boil water advisory. The storms have devastated dozens of buildings and trees. A death has been reported, officials said Tuesday morning.This death occurred in Mercer County in Celina, where Melvin Dale Hanna, 81, was killed during the storm “as a direct result of a vehicle entering his home,” Jeffrey Hazel Celina Mayor said Tuesday.

Given the terrible destruction and chaos that the storm system unleashed, Dayton officials said they felt happy that no deaths were reported.

“Last night, around 11:30, the tornadoes hit the Dayton area,” Dayton Fire Chief Jeffrey Payne said. “However, we still have to find a fatality, and we had three minor injuries. I find this pretty miraculous. “Dayton officials, Celina communities and nearby are still looking for potential victims, after intense storms have wreaked havoc. Suspected also tornadoes left behind the destruction in the Indiana Pendleton town, about 100 miles west of Dayton.