Ugandan Knuckles (Do You Know Da Wae)

Where did it come from?Ugandan Knuckles is a mashup that can be traced back to a few different sources. The design of the character comes from a deformed version of the Sonic character Knuckles drawn by a YouTube creator named Gregzilla

The character was later turned into a 3D model for use in the game VR Chat. Players using the model would commonly repeat lines inspired by the Ugandan movie Who Killed Captain Alex.

What makes it funny?The meme initially gained traction due to the absurdity of dozens of tiny Ugandan Knuckles avatars running around VR Chat asking other players if they know the way.

The memes ultimate form, perhaps, came when the official Sonic Twitter account tweeted a Ugandan Knuckles-themed version of the expanding brain meme.