Would you be able to Swim in Shade Balls?

I purchased 10,000 shade balls and attempted to swim in them. They seem to act like a non-Newtonian liquid: inflexible under high shear pressure, yet they stream like a fluid under low shear. Accepting a shade ball:

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2. In about a month I will convey marked shade balls

3. I will take care of all delivery costs however on the off chance that things get extremely insane I will organize existing Patreon supporters and higher levels My sense was that swimming in shade balls would be troublesome yet at the same time feasible. This was generally valid for the single layer of shade balls. The shade balls slide past one another so they act like a fluid, yet a gooey one attributable to their critical dormancy. It’s substantially more extraordinary exercise and it’s likewise irritating to be besieged with shade balls on all sides of your body, especially your head. With multi-layer shade balls (as exists on a lot of LA repository) things get altogether increasingly troublesome.

The balls bundle together and when you attempt to travel through them rapidly, they become progressively inflexible, giving noteworthy protection from movement. This has the advantage that you can lie on them and as long as they stay caught under you, you can drift on them. In any case, a smidgen of movement makes them move around and you sink through rapidly. Tremendous gratitude to: Jordan Schnabel and Cristian Carretero for taping and swimming and giving lifeguard administrations. Raquel Nuno for taping and enduring me.

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