25 Shrimp Foil Packet Recipes | Low stress and no mess?


                                25 Shrimp Foil Packet Recipes | Low stress and no mess?


Who doesn’t love an honest shrimp boil?

Perfectly steamed shrimp tossed in many seasoning, with hearty veggies like potatoes and corn—it’s almost as fun to eat because it is delicious. Unfortunately,

it is also a hassle to form , especially if you are not feeding a true crowd.

But because of these shrimp foil packets, you’ll add this to your list of quick easy dinner ideas. Your family will desire they’re on a beachside vacation, and you get the additional advantage of less mess and even easier cleanup than a typical night. it is a win-win!


Here, we’ve collected quite twenty-four of our favourite shrimp foil packet recipes to assist you discover the recipe with flavor combo or ingredients you most want.

These dinners are loaded with fresh vegetables, mouthwatering sauces, and many of shrimp, of course—although there also are generous helpings of Cajun sausage, salmon, and even lobster. These foil packet recipes are close to become a low-lift fallback in your weeknight healthy dinner recipe rotation.


Got kids and adults with different tastes?

one among the good things about cooking individual foil packets is that every one are often adjusted to non-public preferences, whether that’s no lemon, please,

or extra spicy, thank you. and since everything is cooked and served in foil,

there are hardly any dirty dishes. These are perfect for taking outdoors and eating

on the rear porch, or sitting around a backyard bonfire. When you’re done,

just botch the foil and toss. Now that’s a winner, winner shrimp dinner!