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I will do monthly technical site optimization | Technical SEO


Our Process:

  1. Set Realistic Expectations – In our industry, people that will claim to give you 1st page rankings overnight. We do not do that.
  2. SEO is the long-term game.  
  3. This is why their length of engagement with clients is only 4-6 months.  Ours is over 2.5 years. Do we see great rankings, traffic, leads and sale increase –
  4. YES!  We begin by performing a rigorous audit of your market space.


  • Site SEO Audit – Analysis of important technical factors that determine your site’s search ranking
  • Index Optimization – Proper site “index-ability” helps search engines crawl & index your web pages
  • XML Sitemap – An XML sitemap helps search engines find and list each page of your website
  • Robots.txt – Robots.txt files give instructions to web robots whether or not to crawl a site page
  • Compress Images – Compress site images to boost your web pages load time
  • HTTPS Set-Up – HTTPS is a ranking signal because it makes sure your website uses secure, encrypted connections
  • Penalty Removal – Diagnose & fix issues causing ranking penalties in order to quickly regain search traffic