Is it STILL fragile Durability Test?! TheSamsung Galaxy Fold?


The Galaxy Fold is here for its official sturdiness test!

The Galaxy Fold was proclaimed a couple of year past, on the other hand over the course of that year, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was delayed for quite whereas thanks to structural problems.

The screen wasn’t robust enough, and mud was obtaining within the device.

So Samsung canceled their customers preorders, supplemental a number of new slight style changes, and here we have a tendency to area unit, virtually a year when the primary announcement, with Version a pair of of the Galaxy Fold.


Is this restructure of the Galaxy Fold robuster than the original? Is it strong enough for each day life? nowadays we are going to resolve with a Samsung Galaxy Fold sturdiness take a look at. we have a tendency to area unit reaching to see what the Fold is formed out of, and see however soft the inner screen is. and perhaps resolve why such a big amount of of them were breaking within the 1st place.