Juste Question Should I watch Alien?

I’ve always had a sorta crush on Sigourney Weaver, admire the hell out of herI honestly do not know anything about the Alien movies apart from references to an Alien beginning of a chest and people pictures of her in her underwear that folks post, i feel that’s Alien?

And it’s on tons of must watch movie lists

And I do love Sci FiBut I’m not a lover of horror movies, or gross movies

I’d say my threshold is Zombieland, I love it, have seen it tons, but still got to look at certain parts

Final destination and Paranormal still gives me the heebie jeebies and nightmares occasionally even in any case this point I will abide by your decision

Edit: Seems the overwhelming consensus is that my wife and that i got to watch this asap, thanks for all the responses!

Edit 2: ok I’ve seen quite a couple of comments about how this is often fake, or I’m an idiot.

So I’ll post my response here cuz I’m getting uninterested in putting it within the replies.

I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness , wasn’t allowed to observe tons of flicks ,

Definately nothing worse than PG13 and sometimes not even then. Grew abreast of Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Back to the longer term , MST3K, etc.

Since I left the church i have been performing on an insanely long list of flicks i want to catch up, mostly r-rated.

Alien has always been placed on the rear burner because i had the idea from the little or no I saw that it had been horror/slasher, and that i had bad experiences with watching horror i.e. final destination, paranormal

So I figured I’d ask and a few nice imgur-ians could let me know without spoiling the movie, which might probably happen if I googled itLove movies like fringe of Tomorrow, Gravity, Arrival, Matrix, Terminator, LotR, total Marvel Junkie, also as drama, suspense, yada yadaOther movies i have never watched yet – any of the Godfathers, Kubrick , Tarantino , Predator series, my list is large

The end