Mason Jar Ideas From DIY lanterns to canned holiday desserts


                        Mason Jar Ideas From DIY lanterns to canned holiday desserts


Thanks to a touch of paint or ribbon, you’ll easily give anything the patriotic red, white, and blue treatment—and this especially holds true with 4th of July Mason jar ideas.

The versatile vessels can’t only store your holiday cocktails and family-friendly punch recipes, but they also work as festive crafts that do double duty as party decor.

(They’re also incredibly budget-friendly and may be reused for your next holiday party.) Think outside the box jar this year with the foremost imaginative (and easy!)

Mason jar spins, from flag- or flower-infused centerpieces to glowing, star-spangled lanterns or chandeliers. Count these little glasses in when it involves your 4th of July meals too—serve layered Mason jar cheesecakes before the fireworks show,

or pass out s’mores during a jar to little ones while the bonfire warms up.

Everyone will love eating out of such stylishly presented jars.

And if you employ your Mason jars as decor, they’re rustic-chic items already,

lending that elegant Southern vibe to your bash. However you select to decorate

up your Mason jar collection for Independence Day , they’ll be the superbly patriotic touch to your holiday celebrations. For even more DIY inspiration, inspect the prettiest 4th of July wreaths and ornamental cake and cupcake recipes.