Most Amazing10 Greatest Magic Tricks Of All Time!


                                         Most Amazing10 Greatest Magic Tricks Of All Time!


WORLD’S seven GREATEST MAGIC TRICKS discovered – ten performance Secrets discovered

Magic has contend a crucial role in our childhood and not several can disagree! Rabbits sound from hats, card tricks and cutting a girl into 2 components, it had been all wonderful we have a tendency to waited for the magic show eagerly!

we have a tendency to believed it all to be true and as we grew up, we have a tendency to moved towards additional advanced magic tricks to satisfy our skeptical minds. It pains US to shatter the illusion however folks, the magicians are light US all this while! You can’t have the sculpture of Liberty disappearing; you recognize it had been a lie. recognize the secrets behind several such tricks and burn in agony!

Number 10. Split man trick

Number 9. Walking on water

Number 8. Disappearing sculpture of Liberty

Number 7. The floating man

Number 6. Losing your head

Number 5. Vanishing liquid

Number 4. Person slicing in [*fr1]

Number 3. Rabbit in empty hat

Number 2. Horizontal levitation

Number 1. Underwater chain escape

Which of those secrets behind renowned magic tricks created you cringe?

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