Pink Panther Goes On A Game Show | Pink Panther & Pals | 35 Minute Compilation

(1) Pink or Consequences – Pink Panther competes in an exceedingly program against massive Nose.

(2) Pink’s Peak – Pink Panther and White Horse ar unexpectedly forced to mountain climb.

(3) Pink On The Hoof – Pink Panther features a exhausting time convincing White Horse to let Pink Panther ride him.

(4) Pinkaroni pizza pie – when Pink Panther finds his favorite pizza pie place closed for construction, he’s on a mission to form his own pizza pie.

(5) The Mighty Pinkwood Tree – Pink Panther tries to avoid wasting his treehouse once massive Nose needs to urge eliminate it and build a motorway instead.


The Pink Panther is that the tricksy, lanky animated cat created by Friz Freleng and David DePatie. the long-lasting feline was initial created in 1964.