The 30 Perfect Flowers for your Home Garden!


                                                 The 30 Perfect Flowers for your Home Garden!


We like big blooms and that we cannot lie! Summer may be a time when your garden delivers a riot of color and texture, to not mention attracting beautiful butterflies

and hummingbirds. With the recent sun comes a spread of blooms in hot colors like flaming magenta, golden yellow, and electric purple.

We’ve put together an inventory of our 30 favorite summer buds that are in bloom

from June through August—and even beyond, counting on where you reside .

So what’s the flower of the season, you ask? Anything goes!

It all depends on your preference, and, of course, what quite soil and sun exposure you’re working with. Beginners might want to start out out with the simplest hanging plants to feature color and texture to a porch or patio.

If you recognize you’re working with a minimum of 6 hours of sun each day ,

you’ll be wanting to undertake the simplest annual flowers from your local garden center. Romantics at bottom might want to undertake their (green) thumbs at roses—it’s not that difficult to find out the way to prune roses the proper way.

Whatever your bloomin’ pleasure, read on to ascertain our favorites from Allium to Zinnia. Happy planting!